About ASFL

Dana @ A Structure for Life in Sumner has been building accessory structures in the Pacific NW for over 25 years. 1000’s of buildings later, we still make sure craftsmanship and durability is our #1 goal. All of the photos on this page are our own handy work from portions of the last 25 years. As of the Spring of 2020, ASFL will only take on select projects in house. We have since teamed up with other high-quality builders to offer an exceptional new lineup backed by top notch customer service. We are proud to be part of a larger family and we are excited to show you why our lineup is still the best product for the money hands down. With well over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured you will have the knowledge at hand to help every step of the way with your buildings. We still offer the steel structures as well.

For your new garage, carport or shed, we offer:​​

  • Site prep and clearing
  • ​Water mitigation services for storm water runoff
  • Compacted gravel pads
  • Concrete slabs and footings
  • Advice and guidance for permitted structures
  • Shed moving/hauling services

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